It all started in a small, steel cup.

Präna Boost has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. Growing up, my mum mixed it for me in a small steel cup every morning. As a first generation American whose parents immigrated to the US from India, this remedy was an extra dose of spices that my family and I already ate in our food.

Indian food was developed by monks thousands of years ago with specific health benefits in mind. Whether we drink Indian chai in the morning to help with digestion, or chaas on hot days to cool down, the Indian way of life is designed to support the human life force — präna. Präna, at its core, means "life force," and Präna Boost was developed over a century ago to help you support your life force with healthy, all-natural ingredients. 

Präna Boost is the culmination of six generations of my family's health remedies. Its roots go back to two small villages in Gujarat, India. Both sides of my family were farmers. They lived in mud and straw huts and worked in the fields to make ends meet. That's where they developed an understanding of Indian herbs and spices, and the impact they had on their health.

As my family migrated to different counties, they took their knowledge from the fields with them. On my dad's side, my grandmother made home remedies whenever anyone got sick, and shared them with the Indian community in Leicester, England. My mum and her family worked in the fields until they saved enough money to move to Canada. She grew up drinking a similar mixture made with ingredients that came straight from the fields, and rarely got sick.

Decades later, we all still drink it, and still rarely get sick. Präna Boost is a blend of my family's recipes. It maximizes health benefits from spices found in the Indian diet that the American diet lacks. My goal is to make our holistic approach to health accessible to everyone. Präna Boost is my way of sharing our family's health secrets with the world — all in one, small packet.

Made with love,
Alisha Patel