The Präna Co. Gives Back

Given our origins, The Präna Co. cares deeply about the Indian people and the environment. We strive to support Indian communities and incorporate sustainable practices throughout our business.

When you shop from The Präna Co, you can trust that we consciously buy our ingredients, and use recyclable packaging. We commit a portion of our profits to support a variety of causes in India and the United States each year including purchasing school supplies, securing meals for families, and planting trees.

Why we give
A note from our founder, Alisha Patel

Years ago, someone took a chance on our family, and we are where we are today because of it. We try to return the favor by looking for areas where we can respect the earth and lend a helping hand.

When my family and I would visit India before COVID, we'd always pack extra suitcases of clothes, toiletries, shoes, candy, books, toys and stationary to bring to poor families and children outside of my families' villages. In India, the less fortunate live in shacks outside many villages. Since we had the means to help, we always brought what we could. Those memories have stuck with me since my childhood. I've known since then that I wanted to help people through The Präna Company.

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